In December 2005, D. (my fiance) and I attended a musical comedy show called “What I Like About Jew.” During the show, the comedian, Rob Tannenbaum, asked if any of the couples in the audience were on dates. We raised our hands, without any idea what to expect. He came down off the stage and asked how long we’ve been dating and why there wasn’t an engagement ring on my finger. D. explained that we had only been dating 6 months. At that point, Rob started singing to me “I’m Better Looking (Than the Guy You’re Going Out With).” The song was very funny and both D. and I turned red. D. is a little shy, so being the center of everyone’s attention made him a little uncomfortable.

Flash forward to December 2006, we heard that Rob Tannenbaum was back in town with his new show “Good for the Jews.” By the time we got around to buying the tickets, the show was sold out. On the day of the show, D. picked up some last minute tickets via Craigslist. We went to the venue and sat in the second row. Rob came on stage, and after a few songs, he asked the audience the same question as the year before: Were there any couples in the audience here on dates? We raised our hands again, and Rob singled us out again for embarrassment. He asked us our names and how long we’ve been dating. Then he asked D. why there wasn’t a ring on the fourth finger of my left hand. D. said, “Because I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that question.” At that point, D. pulls out the ring from his coat pocket and pops the question in front of about 150 people. Rob was not “in” on the proposal. He stood there stunned as I said yes. The audience applauded, women were crying, and I was overwhelmed. Yes, Rob went through with the act and sang “I’m Better Looking (Than the Guy You’re Going Out With)” once again. During the rest of the show, women were coming up to me with keychain flashlights to look at the ring and to congratulate me.

After the show, D. went up to Rob to apologize for derailing the show for a moment. Rob said that it was no problem; he had never had someone propose during one of his shows. Rob then asked D. what if I didn’t pick you two, what would you have done? D. replied that if we weren’t picked then it wasn’t the right moment, and he would have waited for another time. But, we were picked, it was the right moment, and our life together started the way we want our life to continue: full of laughter.