Binary ring

From greenKarat, “Our computers, like our love, are built upon very simple foundations. In the case of computers, that foundation is binary code.

These sophisticated, yet simple rings bear your personalized message in that computer code.

Binary code is a way of representing numbers using a pair of symbols (such as 1 and 0) in a string. The placement of the symbol in the string determines its value, just like the decimal place of the digits in our normal counting numbers determines their values.
In binary notation:
1 is one
10 is two
11 is three
100 is four, etc.

With 5 digits you can count from 0 to 31, enough to represent all 26 letters of the alphabet with 1=A, 2=B and so on.

On the Binary rings, there are 5 parallel tracks running around the ring, each track representing a digit in the binary lexicon. The track is engraved for 1 and left blank for 0. In this way, the five lines of engraving which progress around the ring spell out, in combination, your personalized message. Whew! Got it?

The message on the ring above reads “A Marriage of Values”. Your message may contain up to 20 characters. Cast in either recycled gold or recycled platinum.