Rust Manor House (front)

Back in January, D. and I checked out the Audubon Naturalist Society’s Rust Manor House property in Leesburg, VA. The rental fee was out of our budgeted range for a ceremony/reception location, but the event organizer for Rust Manor House was willing to work with us.
D. and I trekked out there, and although the property was beautiful (and would be gorgeous in the summer when the gardens are in bloom), I wasn’t blown away. I didn’t feel the tingle of “this is *the* location.” Rust Manor House had been recently renovated, but it still looked unfinished.. small detail work seemed unfinished. I can’t quite describe it. When I went back to RMH with D.’s mother two weeks ago for a bridal show, she had the same comment. It seems unfinished and not in a good way.

RMH is still in the running, but far from the finish line. There are a couple things in the contract that I’m not happy with and may be deal breakers. I’m afraid that if we go with RMH, we will end up spending more money in every budgeted category across the board.

The property is still very pretty and would be great for a medium to large outdoor wedding.

More pictures of our visit to Rust Manor House are posted here.