I’ve been reading a lot of wedding books and magazines lately, and they all describe shopping for wedding dresses the same way: looking for The One. I thought your fiance / husband-apparent is supposed to be the only thing described as The One at your wedding. Women describe being so moved at the sight of themselves in The One that they burst into tears. I guess they *know* they’ve found The One because birds start singing and sparkles rain down upon them.

When I shopped for my wedding dress for my first wedding, I never had an OMG! This is The One!!11!1! moment. I knew I wanted a dress that had a corset-style bodice, and that’s all I really cared about. I tried on dresses at Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC and at David’s Bridal. I eventually found my 100% polyester corset-style bodice tulle nightmare at David’s Bridal.
This time around, I’ve put some serious thought in to what I want to wear. I want something of much better quality that doesn’t make me look like a sausage trimmed with lace. I want something that looks classy, reflects my fun personality, and does not cost an arm and a leg.

As much as I like cake, I do not want my dress to look like it is made of frosting either.
I saw this dress in Modern Bride magazine and wondered whether it was strawberry or bubble gum flavored.
Frosting Dress
Maybe the designer was inspired this cake:

One of the dresses in the running for me is actually a bridesmaids dress by Watters and Watters.
I like the halter top bodice in black. Halter tops and A-line skirts are flattering on me. Also, I think the black will provide an elegant contrast to the white veil and white skirt. When I first showed D. this dress, he surprised me by saying that he’d rather see me in a more traditional (i.e. all white) dress. (He doesn’t think black is appropriate for a bride.) We’ve both been married before, and we’ve been living together for more than a year. There’s no virginal mystery to me anymore.
We will see what I’ll end up with. I have months to go before I start visiting bridal salons. I’ll let you know if and when I find The One.