Last night, D. and I met with Rodney Mickle of Rodney Mickle Photographer to talk about photography for our wedding. Almost three hours later, we emerged from the meeting really pleased. It is always a bit nerve-wracking meeting vendors for the first time and trying explain the concept of your wedding which is over a year away. I am always afraid of dominating the conversation or being too spastic. Rodney wasn’t condescending, flippant, or cocky about his services.
He arrived with a wide screen laptop, DVDs of his portfolios, and an external hard drive with RAW images. For us techies, that was quite nice. He discussed his photography technique, lessons he’s learned, and not only showed us his best work, but also the not so great shots in between. For example, he showed us a great macro shot of the detail work of a wedding cake. Then he showed us the six other shots he took at different angles and distances. Seeing the RAW files was very helpful. I was able to see his progression and how he evaluates the composition. He also showed us how he can digitally adjust the photos as well. I was impressed. I’m a very process oriented person. I don’t want to just see the end result; I want to know how one got there.
He asked questions about us, how we met, what is the tone of our wedding, what style of images are important to us, trying to get a sense of who we are and how to portray that in our pictures.
We spent the least amount of time talking about the price sheet. Never did we feel any sales pressure. He understood our reasons why we didn’t want an album, why we wanted digital copies of our pictures, and we ended up coming up with a great idea for an artistic photo collage print.
What I like most: I like the fact that he is highly technical, and he is also creative and flexible. I want the pictures from our wedding to capture D.’s and my personality and the liveliness of our families. I definitely believe that Rodney can do that.
The only “disappointing” thing I can say is that I wish that I had more money to spend on his services.

So, yay! We have one aspect of our wedding figured out, only eleventy billion more things to go.