This past weekend, I went with a friend of mine, K., to the Washington Bridal Showcase at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. It was rather unimpressive in comparision to Washington Bridal Showcase’s Bethesda show earlier this year.

Thumbs Up:
Fiber of Her Being: Handcrafted wedding quilts and chuppahs. Kay was amazingly nice, creative, and light-hearted. I was so impressed with her personality and her work that I am going to set money aside to have either a wedding quilt or a custom chuppah made.

The Wedding Dance Specialists. I think the woman at the bridal show was Deborah Joy. She was very personable. She asked me what song D. and I would be dancing to, and when I told her that we would be dancing to Iron and Wine’s cover of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, she said that she’s only worked with one couple in the past ten years that has danced to Such Great Heights, and that a foxy (hybrid between a Waltz and a Fox Trot) would work with that song.

La Provencale Cellars: Le Mousseux Sparkling Cider. This non-alcoholic apple cider is so very good. When served really cold, the cider has a crisp apple taste that is not too sweet or too tart. Since I’m not a big champagne fan (and neither are my guests for that matter), I’m considering picking up several bottles of this cider for the champagne toast at the wedding. La Provencale usually has a table at Eastern Market every weekend (in good weather).

Thumbs Down:
Charles Jablow Photography. I do *not* like this photographer. Everytime I’ve encountered him, he comes across pushy and condescending. At the Bethesda show, he pulled me aside, brought out what appeared to be an iPod and said, “Have you seen this before?” *flashes iPod at me*
ManicBride: Uh, yeah, it’s an iPod.
Jablow: It’s a *video* iPod.
ManicBride: uh-huh, and?
Jablow: If you book your wedding with us, you get a video iPod with your wedding photos on it for FREE!
ManicBride: uh-huh, do you offer a package providing high resolution digital images instead of albums?
Jablow: (Starts chattering about his $4200 wedding day package with a standard album)
ManicBride: Okay, I don’t want an album or prints.
Jablow: Digital proofs are extra.
ManicBride: On top of the $4200? Even though I’ve already expressed that I don’t want or need an album or prints?
Jablow: Yes, but you get a free video iPod *waves iPod at me*
ManicBride: No thanks.
(With the money I’m saving by going with Rodney Mickle, I can buy a few video iPods. Not that I need one.)