D. and I have been trying to find the perfect location for the wedding. We’ve been to The Elm in Hampden Village in Baltimore. We’ve viewed the Rust Manor House in Leesburg, VA. I’ve contacted historic properties and parks and recreation departments from *five* different counties across *two* states and one district. I’ve emailed museums, botanical gardens, conservatories, and bed and breakfasts. I have spreadsheets containing row after row of location information.
So far, the only location that has come close to fitting into our budget and reflecting the feeling of our wedding has been the Norris House Inn. The innkeepers at the Norris House were not accepting reservations this far out in advance, so there was no contract discussion in the works yet.
To be safe, I contacted the Thomas Birkby House, across the street from the Norris House Inn, to see if they had a wedding scheduled at the same time as mine. The Birkby House is a location in Leesburg that churns out weddings. There is a wedding almost every weekend from May through October. Every wedding looks the same. Trust me, D. and I see the setup almost every time we are in Leesburg. (It’s really fun to watch them scramble when unexpected storm clouds show up.) Depending on the configuration, they can accomodate up to 175 – 225 guests.
I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a wedding the same weekend as mine because of the likelihood that *that* bride would book up the Norris House Inn for accomodations for her guests. The Birkby House got back to me, informing me that there *was* a wedding scheduled for Saturday, June 14th. I immediately contacted Carol at the Norris House, giving her a heads up that there was a wedding scheduled across the street, and that I wanted to lock in that weekend at the Norris House.
She responded that our wedding weekend tentative reservation was penciled in and that I should come in and talk out the details with her in a few weeks after some renovations have been completed. Okay, *big sigh of relief*, nothing to worry about, right?
Well, yesterday, I received a phone call from Carol saying that the bride-to-be from the Birkby House came over to book full house accomodations for Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights of my *bleeping* wedding weekend. Oh heeeelll no. Carol just wanted clarification regarding what nights we would be reserving. (I haven’t even figured out yet if I wanted to reserve Saturday night as well.) I expressed concern that we would be bumped. She said no, that wouldn’t happen. (Thank God.) I told her that I would come down there today to discuss the details, look over the contract, etc. I’m bringing D.’s mom for support. (D can’t be there; he has a prior engagement.)

This means war!
I’m standing my ground, you designer dress wearing, fondant cake eating, 100+ guests inviting, unlimited budget having, Birkby House bride!