Last Saturday, D. and I went to Paper Source in Georgetown. I’ve never been in a Paper Source store, but I heard amazing things about it. I love assemblage and decoupage. (I still kick myself for not studying more about assemblage in college.) I’ve always been fascinated with papers and boxes with compartments. I don’t know why. It’s probably the same reason why I like typeset sorts and trays. (Side Tangent: D. and I saw the Joseph Cornell exhibit while it was in town at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.)

Anyway, I walked into Paper Source and was overwhelmed. I wanted to feel all the papers. I wanted to buy invitation kits, paper flower kits, journals, ink, glue, etc… I dragged D. through the whole store, upstairs and downstairs. There were so many different things we could do with our invitations, decorations, and favors for our wedding that I could not figure out where to start. I picked up some information about their upcoming workshops. Hopefully, I can take advantage of the hands on aspects of the workshops to rule out projects that are just too expensive and labor intensive.
With our wedding being so small, I’d really like to create some uniquely personal invitations. Since our guest list is limited to our close friends and family, I don’t think we need save the date cards. Part of me wants to sit down and brainstorm with someone who already has all the supplies and experience crafting invitations, but another part of me says I won’t save any money by doing that, plus I want to play with the fancy paper and gadgets! Why should Sarah at Haute Papier and Mary Alice at Oh My My Design have all the fun?
Let’s be honest here; I’ll probably end up calling them anyways to at least get price quotes and review their portfolios. If one of above designers can envision and produce our invitations for around the cost of me designing and producing them myself, I’ll go with that designer.
Hmm, I wonder if I could arrange an “Invitation Design-Off”… The ManicBride Wedding Invitation Invitational. I could post the initial interviews, the works in progress, and then the final results. Of course, I’d let you all weigh in on the results. However, I would be the one making the final decision, obviously. Are there any other local (Northern Virginia/Baltimore, MD/DC) invitation designers that I should look into as well?