D. and I did a bunch of wedding related stuff this past weekend in Leesburg, VA, and I promise I’ll write about it and post pictures, but right now, I’m losing my poop.

I am sitting here at work, doing regular work things, and I got blindslided by stupid wedding worries. It’s really lame. There are many reasons why I’ve dubbed myself ManicBride, and this is a prime example. I’m worrying about things that are over a year away!! Stupid things like breach of contract and rain plans.

We really should elope. I know it. We will save money and my mind. But, we both want a wedding. Not a big, crazy, princess wedding. Just a fun, casual summer wedding with a picnic/BBQ reception. I don’t want to be restricted by stupid wedding rules. It’s just 40 people, by god. I don’t want to worry. I don’t even need this to be perfect. I just need it to reflect our personalities and our sentimentality.

I’m all spooked from my conversation this past weekend with Carol, from the Norris House Inn. I’m afraid that everything is going to go awry at the last minute, with limitations and additional fees and random crap falling through.