In the May/June issue of Brides Magazine, there was a quiz to figure out what my wedding style is. I could be a Romantic, Modern, or Natural bride. The answers to the quiz questions were multiple choice. The problem was most of my answers to the questions were D) None of the above. And none of the above wasn’t a legitimate choice.

For example:
What was your dream job when you were six? A) veterinarian, B) artist, or C) princess.
Well, when I was six, I wanted to be an astronaut. At age eight, I wanted to be a lawyer. (I carried a briefcase instead of a backpack to school when I was 12.)

What is your go-to piece of jewelry? A) an onyx cocktail ring, B) gold hoops, C) a turquoise cuff.
Since I own none of the above, I would have to say my go-to accessory is my watch. I feel naked without it. It’s a beat-up leather cuff style Guess watch. This watch has been with me through thick and thin. When I went heels-over-head out of my kayak into the Potomac River, I was wearing this watch, and it still works. (Although, it did smell weird for several weeks after the dunk in the Potomac.)

You TIVO which medical TV show? A) Scrubs, B) Nip/Tuck, C) Grey’s Anatomy.
C’mon, the best medical TV show is House!

You see, not every bride fits squarely into a category, and unfortunately, the bridal industry loves categorization because it can churn out packages tailored to these pre-defined styles instead of the bride.

What kind of bride am I? I am a Lawful Neutral Human Paladin sentimental classic tomboy with quirky traditionalist leanings.