Yesterday, D. and I popped into Cakes Plus in Laurel, MD to check out the bakery and their portfolio. The place was absolutely packed. Every Saturday, they hold a free tasting of their standard cake flavors: yellow, chocolate, marble, spice, and lemon cake. We really likes their yellow cake. It was moist and not too sweet. The chocolate cake was a close second. I’m thinking a Red Raspberry filling… maybe. We didn’t have an opportunity to taste the fillings though. As for the cake design, we’re only having 35 – 45 guests, so our cake canvas is small. Also, we both aren’t fans of rolled fondant. D. has been leaning toward a more traditional white cake design with white swirl and heart piping. I want something more unusual like a Battlestar Galactica themed space cake.
Our compromise: we’re toying with the idea of a two-tier light blue cake with clouds airbrushed on it and a cake topper of a couple waving (if we can find one). The cake would represent our song, “Such Great Heights.” (My only fear is that the blue will be too vibrant, too primary.)
D. said we could also have a single-tiered Battlestar Galactica “groom’s” cake with Apollo and Starbuck figurines on top. Yay!

Starbuck Apollo