I’ve been AFK for most of this week due to having my wisdom teeth extracted. It was surprisingly more painful than I expected, and I didn’t have the greatest reaction to the pain medication. (Vicodin caused me to throw up, even when taken on a full stomach and at half dosage. Darvocet made me moody and gave me a throbbing headache.) I had all four wisdom teeth extracted on Wednesday, the pain and swelling increased and peaked on Friday, and today, I woke up with far less pain and a more normal looking face. …which is a good thing because D., his mother, his son, and I are going to meet with the rental folks at Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD today.
I originally had my heart set on having the wedding at the Norris House Inn, but after my recent conversation with one of the innkeepers, I’ve been reconsidering my decision. She said you don’t want to “try to make a location work” because it’s too much trouble to manage on your wedding day. She said this in reference to holding both the wedding and the reception at the Norris House. I really wanted to have a casual, summery, reception feel. I wanted people to be outside (if the weather permitted) and having a good time. I didn’t want to have a stuffy reception or a standard dinner in a restaurant. Leesburg, unfortunately, doesn’t have a restaurant that really fits our needs. I am not expecting the wedding to be perfect. Quite the contrary, I expect something to go wrong; I’d prefer it to be something minor though. What I do want is for our wedding, ceremony and reception, to fit us. I don’t want to be pressured into someone else’s idea of how a wedding should be. (I’m willing to accept advice and heed warnings though.) I don’t want to be sitting at a table in a restaurant during our reception and feeling disappointed because it doesn’t feel like a wedding. If a vendor cannot sign on to our wedding “vision”, and at least be willing to try to make it happen, then maybe we shouldn’t go with that vendor. It’s all about being flexible and open minded, on both sides.
That being said: Montpelier Mansion has a beautiful front lawn with enough space for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. It also has enough space inside for both the ceremony and reception in case of rain. I plan on taking pictures today and posting a full report.