In March, I posted about the new Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, and two weeks ago, my sample came in.

You apply the deodorant the night before, let the deo work its magic, and the next day you can reapply it after your shower if you don’t trust it to work. I applied it the night before and then worked out the next day. The antiperspirant does not prevent you from sweating altogether. I broke a sweat on the exercise bike, but every time my pits felt moist, the deodorant would reactivate, and I would smell the gentle scent of Secret. Not once did I smell like B.O., sweat, or natural ManicBride scent. I was pretty impressed by that. However, the only drawback I could think of is that you may be overscented if you plan on wearing perfume on your wedding day as well. My solution: wear a light, complementary scent on your wedding day. You don’t need tons of perfume anyway.
Yes, my pits were moist. I don’t consider that to be a failure of the antiperspirant though. It’s not natural to be truly sweat-free. This antiperspirant is designed to prevent sweat stains from excessive sweating. Applying more product on your armpits the day of is not going to eliminate sweat. You’re only going to have deodorant/antiperspirant build up in the creases of your armpit, and every one will figure out that you were paranoid about your B.O. when you’re dancing to YMCA. Also, if you plan on preserving your wedding dress, do your dress and the cleaner a favor by not reapplying. The caked on deodorant/antiperspirant is difficult to totally remove and can discolor and even damage some materials.

So, is Secret Clinical Strength worth it? I think so.