sends me a crap-ton of email every day. Most of the time, I hit delete and purge before I even read the email. (Delete and purge because I IMAP instead of POP my mail; minor technical detail.) I have a special place in my heart for all things free. If I can get something for nothing or close to nothing, I’ll probably go for it. So, sent me an email from their sponsor Bloomingdales advertising their registry. I wasn’t planning on registering at Bloomie’s, but hey, I can register anywhere, and as long as I don’t tell anyone about it, they won’t get me anything from there. However, just to be on the safe side, I’m not adding anything to the registry that I don’t really want. If someone wants to spend $599 for a complete set of Shun knives, I’m not turning my nose up at that gift.
The email says, if I register at Bloomingdales, I get a free pair of Christofle crystal flutes. I’m not familiar with Christofle, but I am a big fan of free stemware.
I already have a pair of champagne flutes from one of Crate and Barrel’s “Sunday Morning Engagements” events.
I wonder how much free stemware I can acquire before the wedding. It would be funny if the bridal party was served drinks at the wedding from my mismatched flutes.