My official stance on wedding colors and themes is that I’m against them. This isn’t prom or homecoming; it’s a wedding. However, I do like things to be coordinated.

For example, most women buy matching bra and panty sets. I don’t. I buy underwear to match my pants and bras to match my shirts. Why? Because inevitably, the underwear band peeks out above my pants and I’d rather have a black pants against a black band than black pants against a lime green band. Or even worse, hot pink underwear under white pants. Yowch! (I don’t own white pants, but if I did, I know that you’re supposed to wear flesh tone drawers, not white, and especially not hot pink.)

So, D. and I are trying to put together this casual, upscale, summer BBQ reception. We want our friends and family to feel comfortable and have fun, and we still want it to feel like a special occasion. Right now, the plan is to serve food grilled outdoors by the caterer, put up lanterns all around the reception area on shepherd hooks, and hopefully, if money allows, be entertained by a cajun or zydeco band. It’s a really rough outline. However, when I’ve been contacting caterers, they’ve been asking “Around what color is your wedding based?”
ManicBride: Ummm. I don’t know yet.
Caterer: What about your flowers?
ManicBride: Ummm. I don’t know. Maybe pale blue and green hydrangeas, but maybe a bright wild flowers with dahlias thing. I’ll know it when I see it. I do know that I’m not having a cascading bouquet, does that help? (It doesn’t, by the way.)

I’ve thought about it a bit.. maybe sage green tablecloths… definitely not red gingham (but I do like the light blue small gingham, but I fear that’s too casual). Maybe fireflies could be a thematic component.. since most of the reception will take place at dusk and go into the evening. I’ve considered buying or making jars of fireflies for table centerpieces.

I know I’ll get it all figured out. I just need to spend some time reviewing Martha Stewart’s website.