Several weeks ago, D. and I visted Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD to talk with a rental representative. I’m still waiting on a contract from them, but they are holding the date for me.

Two of the pictures are mine. (The batteries died in the camera before I could take any other pictures. Stupid rechargeable batteries!) The other pictures are from Montpelier Mansion’s website.

Montpelier Mansion Garden
This is a side garden and view of the mansion. The green tents were left over from an event the day before. We’re planning on setting up the tables for our reception where the two tents are located under the tree.

Montpelier Mansion front
We plan on getting married in front of the mansion with our guests seated in chairs on the terraced lawn. I’ll walk down the brick path from the house and meet D. in front of the garden circle for the ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Montpelier Mansion).

Montpelier Mansion Library
If it rains on our wedding day, we will be getting married in the library. This would be our view facing our guests. We won’t keep the chairs in that circular configuration; we would set them up in rows.

Library hyphen
The library hyphen… I would be entering the library from this hall passage. (Photo courtesy of Montpelier Mansion).

I hope to take some more pictures of the mansion soon. I’m really looking forward to finalizing the location. I’m tired of wedding vendor limbo. I want to lock something down.