(Sorry about the lack of posting this past week. I was in San Francisco for a business conference.)

Have you noticed that a lot of brides hold the creative details of their wedding close to their chest in fear of being copied? Some are willing to share the names of their vendors, but not their contracts and negotiated price. Other brides are altogether hush-hush about the tiniest of details (trim, candy, fabric, etc…) until after their weddings. True, someone may copy the entire theme of my wedding, and with a larger budget, make their wedding much more extravagant.  My wedding is still unique though because that intellectual property thieving bride is not marrying my husband-apparent (D.’s preferred term for fiance) . I really believe that open source weddings are the way to go. You can learn a lot through open and honest discourse. What if you wanted to make paper flowers from Paper Source, but were unsure whether you could pull it off? Wouldn’t you appreciate the tips and warnings from the bride who came before you?  Women are competitive creatures; I totally understand this. (I’m a type A personality all the way. Competitive is my middle name.) No one wants to have their creative, unique ideas ripped off, but I think grasping our wedding planners to our chests and hissing, “My preciousssss,” is not healthy either. Sharing details with experienced brides and brides-to-be helps me to create a better wedding. By throwing ideas out for others to review, I can get a sense of what will and won’t work. I’d rather troubleshoot potential problems months before the big day instead of on the day of.