Before I left for my business trip to San Francisco, I hit up my local Target for some travel size products. (In my opinion, Target consistently has the best selection of travel size health and beauty products.) While I was looking for some shampoo, I ran across Suave’s 24-Hour Protection Invisible Solid. It was only $.99, so I thought, “What the hey, I’m going to be on a long plane ride plus I’ll be running through airports trying to catch my flights, should be a good test.” I picked up the Fresh scent. My Target didn’t have the Powder scent. The 24-Hour Protection Invisible Solid has Aluminum Chlorohydrate (20%) as the active ingredient.
After 5 days of testing, what do I think? I didn’t smell like B.O. after a full day of traveling and hauling luggage around, but I didn’t really trust that I smelled fresh either. It was the absence of scent that concerned me. The “Fresh” scent didn’t seem to last long, and it definitely didn’t renew itself like Degree.
As for the sweat factor, it performed better than average, but Secret’s Clinical Strength is still leading the pack overall.