This past Wednesday was our two year anniversary. To celebrate, D. and I planned a trip to Key West for a short vacation. We both had never been to Key West before, and we were in the mood for something laid back and tropical. While we were there, we toyed with the idea of getting a married license issued Key West (Monroe County). When we went to Las Vegas last year, we traipsed down to the courthouse and got our marriage license on Valentine’s Day. It was valid for one year. (At any time, we could have flown out to Nevada and gotten married anywhere in Clark County.) Unfortunately, it’s expired now, so we won’t be eloping in Vegas anytime soon. It would have been a cute tradition to pick up marriage licenses from all of our vacation spots. However, we decided against it because marriage licenses in Monroe County cost $93.50, and that’s a bit expensive for a souvenir piece of paper.

Anyway, today, while we were waiting in the airport for our return flight to depart, we heard a squeal from the other side of our gate. Apparently, two twenty-something recently wedded couples ran into each other again. I overheard part of their conversation. (It was kind of hard not to. They were very animated or intoxicated. I wasn’t sure which.) During their respective vacations, both grooms “lost” their wedding bands. One lost it while jetskiing while the other lost his ring while digging in the sand. These two couples have only been married for a week and two weeks respectively. Both brides took their husbands to get replacement rings during their vacations.
I have never heard of a groom losing his wedding band while jetskiing (and if you have, please let me know), nor have I ever heard of a groom losing his ring while building a sandcastle on the beach.

My engagement ring is bulky (not because it is a big honkin’ rock, but because it has some crazy raised filigree work), loose, and prone to catch on everything, and I’ve never lost it. I even went sea kayaking while on vacation this week, and it didn’t even slip off my hand.
Now, I have heard of guys taking off their rings while working with finger-ripping machinery, but I highly doubt these American Eagle hubbys were running a lathe on their vacations. I’ve also heard of newly-wedded grooms taking off their rings when their wives aren’t around, or even losing them while stuffing dollar bills in a stripper’s g-string. I’m not saying that these two guys did any such thing… but losing your wedding band while jetskiing? C’mon.