I sent an email to the special events organizer at Restaurant Eve detailing our request for the engagement party / surprise wedding. D. and I have heard absolutely wonderful things about the food and the staff at Restaurant Eve. Unfortunately, they cannot accomodate our group. I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping they would make a special exception since they’ve hosted special events at their restuarant before. However, the woman from Restaurant Eve I spoke with on the phone suggested a la Lucia in Alexandria. A la Lucia is a little more informal than I had in mind, but it’s received decent reviews from the Washingtonian Magazine. If the wedding was still being held in the summer, lighter, more refined food would be preferred. Since the surprise wedding will be in November, the heartier dishes of a la Lucia should be fine. As for space, a la Lucia has wine room which they use for private parties. It looks very promising. D. and I are going to have dinner there this weekend to try out their food and service. If a la Lucia doesn’t work out, I’m not sure where else to go. I sent a comment to Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post, asking for suggestions. He has a live web chat tomorrow at 11:00 am ET, so I’ll tune in and see if he answers my question. *crosses fingers*