Due to our accelerated wedding schedule, I’ve started the search for our wedding bands. I’d like to have something unique and durable; however, we’re not in a position to pay an arm and a leg for a custom piece.

I like the concept of the Mokume wedding bands available from Steve Midgett at Mokume.com.

Silver and Palladium
Sterling Silver and Palladium

Gold and Platinum
18K Gold and Platinum

As pretty as those are, they are out of our price range and may not fit well with my engagement ring. As shown in this post, my ring has a tall profile off of my hand. Also, the bottom of my ring is squared.
Ring 2

I’ve tried on more delicate, braided bands with my ring, and they get swamped. I tried to explain to a jeweler out in San Francisco that I needed a more substantial band because I was going to wear the wedding band at the base of my finger, closest to my heart. The jeweler scoffed at me and said I should wear my wedding band on the outside of my engagement ring, so I could wear something more delicate (like one of his rings). Guess whose business card I threw away?

We’ve also looked into making our own bands through the Wedding Ring Workshop. It’s still a bit pricey, but we’d be crafting our own rings under the supervision of a professional jeweler. We’d definitely have a one of a kind heirloom after we were finished. How many couples do you know that made their wedding bands?

This weekend, we are going to talk with Dave at Vienna Jewelry about our options. He reset the diamond and polished up my engagement ring several months ago. At the time, he mentioned that he also does custom work. We may also talk with him about purchasing a new center stone for my engagement ring. (Dave pointed out that the diamond was chipped in four places when we brought it to him. The estate jeweler from which we purchased the engagement ring did not point the damage out to us at any time during the purchase of the ring. 😦 We should have asked to look at the ring under magnification, but we didn’t.) Worst case: we’ll have to ask elder members of our families if there are any family wedding bands that they would like to pass down. We want our rings to have some kind of meaning (besides the meaning we will impart to them) instead just picking up some random bands at a big box jewelry store (i.e. Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry).