You know what irks me? Brides who blog to promote their wedding-related businesses. They come in under the radar. You’re comforted by the fact that they are also experiencing the same pre-wedding stresses that you are, but then they start posting about their stationery, bakery, wedding planning services, etc…

*BAM* Halfway through these postings, you realize you’re reading thinly-veiled marketing material advertising the business’s new promotion. It’s a dirty trick.

She’s a vendor in bride’s clothing! What happened to our bridal solidarity? We confided in you with our insecurities and experiences with vendors, and now you’re using it as a business advantage. I’d love to see wedding communities put their feet down and screen their bloggers to prevent this. If you’re working for-profit in the bridal industry, you need to buy ad space just like the other vendors and quit pretending to be just another bride.