I paid the first deposit for the wedding today. It was for the ceremony/reception location. I put it on my credit card only to earn miles. I’ll be transferring money out of my wedding kitty to pay for it right away. I don’t want any part of the wedding to be on credit. I want to have the cash available before making any decision/payment. It’s too easy and too tempting to put something financially out of reach on a credit card, and say, “I’ll pay for it over time. It’s no big deal.” Well, it is a big deal. Finance charges are of the devil. The next major deposits will be for photography and catering. I still need to decide on a caterer though.
I’ve narrowed it down to R&R Catering, Rocklands, and Amphora. I had high expectations for R&R, but my last few interactions with them has left me disappointed. Also, the price quote is $1000 more than I wanted to spend. I spoke with Jade from Amphora yesterday, and she will be getting a proposal to me in the next day or two. I also submitted an online proposal request to Rocklands yesterday, so I should be hearing from them soon too.
It’s one thing to plan a wedding; it is another thing all together to pay for a wedding. I’m definitely starting to get nervous.