After our somewhat disappointing cake experience with Amphora Bakery, one of our friends suggested talking with Elizabeth Vdovjak of Uppercrust Wedding Cakes about our cake needs. Last night, D. and I met with Elizabeth for a tasting and to discuss our options. She said it would be no problem to do our multi-tiered, multi-hued, “Such Great Heights” cloud cake for 40 guests. YAY! Also, the chocolate ganache Battlestar Galactica cake shouldn’t be a problem either.
We tasted a white cake with buttercream and a fresh strawberry and Grand Marnier filling, white cake with chocolate ganache filling, white cake with amaretto buttercream filling, white cake with black raspberry preserves filling, and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. She also cut a slice of fondant for us to taste. The cakes were so good. I was a very happy camper. Her buttercream was not cloying sweet, the cakes were not dry, the fondant was actually edible, and the strawberry/Grand Marnier combination was perfect. It was a much better cake tasting experience.
Her pricing was very reasonable. She quoted $5.50 per person for our Such Great Heights cake (including fondant, fillings, and cloud decorations), and about $75 for our single tier Battlestar Galactica grooms cake. Because she’s located in Fairfax, VA and our wedding is going to be in Laurel, MD, D. and I will need to arrange to have someone pick up the cake from Elizabeth’s location and set it up at the reception location. She is going let us borrow her cake transportation boxes and ice packs, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting the cakes to the cake. (crosses fingers).
We’re pretty darn happy with this cake experience. We may talk to another baker, just to exhaust our options, but I believe we will end up going with Elizabeth.