January 2008

We’ve ordered our invitations!

I was searching for some unique Japanese themed invitations, when I ran across these cherry blossom invitations on Etsy.

Cherry Blossom

We liked them a lot, but on a whim, I emailed Sandy at Lani Blue Stationery and asked if she could design a koi themed invitation. Not only was she extremely responsive, she actually had been working on a koi design already. I ordered a paper sample kit, and her papers were very nice. If you buy a paper sample kit and then place an order, she will deduct the cost of the sample kit from your purchase. (I think I forgot to mention that I bought a sample kit when I paid. Oops.) We fell in love with the linen paper, but her budget cardstock is nice too.


I sent emails with questions about fonts, textures, wording, etc. , and she was really pleasant. (You have no idea how much I appreciate a kind-hearted vendor right now.) We changed the layout a bit and the one of the fonts. I’ll post a follow up when our invitations are in hand. If they turn out as I expect them to, I’ll be definitely be ordering thank you cards and possibly place cards as well.

So, go poke around on Etsy, you never know what you’ll find.


I don’t want to do this anymore. This whole bridal industrial complex driven process is overwhelming, and the results are underwhelming. If I survive this, you better believe I’m going to post all my negative experiences with vendors here and any where else I can review vendors.  I’m calling you out. There is no reason to be condescending. There is no reason to take advantage of your customers just because the event is a “wedding.”

Vendors, you’d ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

I couldn’t afford all of these things.. I’d have to pick and choose, of course.

  • a violin
  • a trip through Europe (definitely visting Tuscany, Croatia, and Prague along the way)
  • pay off my student loans, or put a large dent in my car loan
  • go to culinary school
  • laser hair removal (hey, I’m Italian, it would mean no more tweezers and no more Jolen bleach.)
  • a Wii and a Playstation 3
  • invest in precious metals
  • a super fancy MacBook Pro or a Mac Pro (not sure which I prefer yet)
  • flight lessons
  • SpaceCamp
  • an Outward Bound excursion

I got a call today from Trudy’s informing me that my dress arrived. What?!? I thought these stupid dresses were supposed to take 4 – 6 months to arrive, and I was given grief by the saleswomen because I hadn’t started looking yet. I went down to the store to make sure everything was okay. I checked the seams, the zipper, buttons, beads… everything. When I tried it on though, I was really disheartened. I really think they put me in the wrong size. I talked with the manager, and she assured me that it would be an easy alteration. I knew that the dress would be a little big and would require alterations, but I just felt so disappointed. I’m not sure why. (and no, Madam Saleslady, putting a veil on my head is not going to make me feel more like a bride.)

It’s a madhouse in there. Trudy’s is crammed with brides and their entourages. I felt out of place, and I started second guessing my selection. It’s not dripping with sequins or rhinestones; it’s not draped in lace. It looks beautiful and elegant, but a touch plain… yet it’s absolutely appropriate and I disliked all the princess-y dresses that I tried on. I came home all sad and close to tears because it wasn’t the experience I imagined it would be. (Lame.)

…at least I have the dress in my possession, and I’ll schedule my first alteration for the last week in April / first week in May.

Today, I decided to go dress shopping. I went to Trudy’s Brides and Special Occasions right down the street. I called ahead for an appointment, and when I arrived, it was a flurry with brides. It was overwhelming at first. My consultant was Lauren; she was nice, but she didn’t have her finger on my dress pulse. I wanted dresses that were flattering and not heavily beaded on the bodice. (Busty women don’t need beads on the breasts.) Out of the dresses from Lauren’s selection, this dress was leading the pack.

I liked the ruching and the waist definition, but it screamed “Attack of the Grecian Boob-Queen”.

I was shuffled to the special occasions section and handed off to Jeanette. She pulled a bunch of bridemaids dresses that would work as less formal wedding dresses. All of the bridesmaid dresses could be ordered in ivory and white shades.

The pick-up skirt was nice, but it seemed too much like a prom dress, and it gave me a uni-boob.

Yes, I know this dress doesn’t fit right. The only sample they had was several sizes too small. I still tried it on to get an idea of how it could look. It was closer to what I wanted, with the pick up skirt, but it just didn’t feel like *the* dress.

I did try on the black and white Watters and Watters dress that I posted about previously, but it was also several sizes too small, and ultimately wasn’t substantial enough.

Jeanette was a real trooper. She pulled some really pretty dresses from the bridal section, and she doesn’t usually work bridal. The store owner, Trudy, came by and moved us into the bridal section. (and thank God, it was freakin’ hot on the bridemaid’s side of the store.) Jeanette pulled another set of bride’s dresses, and in that set was *the* dress. It’s a 2Be Bride dress, 100% silk, in Natural color. It was more than I originally budgeted, and I know I could have tried to find it for less online, but it’s easier to just buy it at a shop nearby. Let’s hope everything goes okay once it arrives. *crosses fingers* On Wednesday, I’ll know the delivery date, and then I can schedule the alterations.

(No, I’m not going to post a picture of the dress until after the wedding.)

Hooray! I found my dress after only 2.5 hours of trying on dresses.