I got a call today from Trudy’s informing me that my dress arrived. What?!? I thought these stupid dresses were supposed to take 4 – 6 months to arrive, and I was given grief by the saleswomen because I hadn’t started looking yet. I went down to the store to make sure everything was okay. I checked the seams, the zipper, buttons, beads… everything. When I tried it on though, I was really disheartened. I really think they put me in the wrong size. I talked with the manager, and she assured me that it would be an easy alteration. I knew that the dress would be a little big and would require alterations, but I just felt so disappointed. I’m not sure why. (and no, Madam Saleslady, putting a veil on my head is not going to make me feel more like a bride.)

It’s a madhouse in there. Trudy’s is crammed with brides and their entourages. I felt out of place, and I started second guessing my selection. It’s not dripping with sequins or rhinestones; it’s not draped in lace. It looks beautiful and elegant, but a touch plain… yet it’s absolutely appropriate and I disliked all the princess-y dresses that I tried on. I came home all sad and close to tears because it wasn’t the experience I imagined it would be. (Lame.)

…at least I have the dress in my possession, and I’ll schedule my first alteration for the last week in April / first week in May.