From Lucy:

“Your website is awesome and I am completely envious of your organization! My wedding is in May and I am not even remotely as prepared as you are oh wise one! How do you do it???? Do you work full time in addition to all this wedding planning?!?!?!?
Just wondering and feeling inferior….
My fiance and I are planning a celtic wedding for May in Potomac, MD.”

Well, Lucy… Yes, I work full time, do a little consulting work, and plan the wedding. Sometimes I wonder how I do it myself. To be honest, you just have to sit down and say: “Ok, what’s most important to us about the wedding? How can we make it happen?” Once you have that figured out, you take it one step at a time. Most importantly, do what makes you both happy. If getting stressed out over the details is making you miserable and causing fights, elope or have a destination wedding. And I don’t mean in exotic Switzerland, you could get married on the beach in Rehoboth, if you wanted. (bonus point for whoever catches the reference.)

It’s not impossible. Couples have been getting married for years. Somehow they get through it. I have to be honest with you though; I’m not enjoying the process at all.  I’ll be relieved once it’s over with.