Yeah, yeah, I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve been busy. I got promoted at work, so I’m doing the HBIC thing at work now too (except the B doesn’t stand for bride when I am at work).

In January, I went with D.’s best person (he’s having a female best man while I’m having a male maid of honor) to a bridal show in San Jose. She recently got married, but didn’t have a wedding, so I told her to wear the
“I’m a Bride” sticker as well. Well, many of the vendors thought we were “together”. Even though we weren’t lesbians having a commitment ceremony, I appreciated the open minded treatment.

D. and I have paid deposits to the caterer, florist, baker, photographer, and we’ve paid off the location. We decided to fly in our photographer than pay the psychotic rates for ‘meh’ photographers out here. Either the photographers had incompatible personalities (i.e., attitudes) or they weren’t as talented as the photographer we loved in DC, Rodney Mickle.

I have my dress, I have my dress foundation garments (to quote Daniel Cleaver, “absolutely enormous panties!”), and yesterday, I found my wedding shoes.

They look like normal, classy, vanilla colored heels by Michael Kors, but they are not what they seem.

Shoes 2
Platform heels with stripes! I didn’t want boring shoes. Plus, they are surprisingly comfortable compared to all the pointy appropriate shoes.