You know, Men’s Warehouse has some really decent suits. We ended up picking up a really nice black Calvin Klein suit for D. The European cut of the Calvin Klein suit was really flattering. We both didn’t want him in a tux for the wedding because the wedding is in the early afternoon, and we’re in a garden setting. Also, why rent a tux when you can buy a suit? We were looking for a warmer, possibly brown, toned suit, but everything looked too casual. Black is always formal and very versatile. So, with the help of a very nice old salesman, D. decided on an ecru dress shirt and matching classy tie. All he needs now are a pair of shoes, a belt, and some alterations. We’re holding off on altering the waist of his pants, just in case he loses weight before wedding.

I still need to get my dress altered and finish paying off the vendors, but for the most part, everything is taken care of.  It’s scary.