A few weeks ago, D. and I started looking for wedding bands. With the price of precious metals going through the roof, we decided to go with tungsten carbide. We looked at titanium bands, but they are really lightweight, almost like plastic, and they scratch more easily. Plus, tungsten carbide bands are really durable. C’mon, it’s used in armor-piercing ammunition and for the rotating ball in ballpoint pens. What more could you want?

I read good things about the Trent West TrewTungsten line, and our local jewelry store is an authorized retailer. When we went to the jewelry store, D. really liked the faceted bands. Come to find out the faceted bands he really liked were not TrewTungsten bands. They were actually manufactured by a company overseas. Unfortunately, the jewelry store didn’t have any of the imported bands in stock in my size, and they could not order individual rings.

We searched around on the internet and ended up ordering these two rings from West Coast Jewelry through Amazon.com.

This 7mm band with beveled edges for D.

…and this simple 4mm band for me.

If I like his band more than the simple band, I can return it. The only reason I didn’t order a matching band in my size was because it didn’t come in a smaller millimeter. I was afraid the 7mm would look to bulky on me. The rings should be here around April 14th – April 17th, so I’ll post pictures when they arrive.