Two weeks ago, our rings from West Coast Jewelry arrived.

D.\'s ring

D.’s ring looked great. The ring has a nice bit of heft, a much better feel than titanium. There aren’t any scratches on it (there’s lint on the ring in the picture).

However, when I opened the box containing my ring, I was surprised and disappointed.

Copper ring

That ring doesn’t look right.

Copper ring

Yup, that’s definitely not the ring I ordered. I emailed West Coast Jewelry, and they quickly responded with an apology and a promise to ship out the correct ring right away.

Less than a week later, I received the correct ring, a padded envelope and a postage paid label to return the copper ring.

The ring looked pretty promising.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t feel like a wedding band to me. It was too wide and looked too much like hematite. 😦 However, some of the benefits of purchasing a ring online is that it wasn’t very expensive and this particular vendor has a decent return policy. I was a little sad though because I wanted to get the rings checked off my list.

On Saturday, I went to my local jeweler to have D.’s grandmother’s engagement ring and ornate wedding band appraised. You see, I don’t want to wear the fancy wedding band all the time. It’s beautiful, but it’s too much bling for me. Plus, I’m really hard on jewelry. That’s why I’ve been looking for a durable band. The jeweler pointed out some repairs that it needed and suggested I have the repairs done before the appraisal. One of the small diamonds in the band was shattered and another diamond was chipped. Also, the tiny prongs holding in the stones needed retipping. I wasn’t expecting this extra expense, but long term, it is definitely a good idea. I’ll be getting the rings back on Friday, so I’ll take pictures of them then.

While I was at the jeweler, I tried on 2.0 and 2.5mm wedding bands. I also compared the white gold, palladium, and platinum bands. To be honest, they all look the same. White gold is too soft for me, and platinum is too expensive, so I’ve ordered a palladium band from Palladium is in the platinum group, so it’s close enough, and who’s gonna know, right?