In preparation for the wedding, D. and I were going to whiten our teeth. We don’t smoke or have really yellow teeth, but we both drink tea, and D. drinks coffee. I want us to look as good as we can for our pictures. Originally, we were going to pick up GoSMILE B1 tooth whitening kits from Sephora. I’ve used samples of the B1 product and liked the results. It didn’t irritate my gums and trigger sensitivity in my teeth. However, in the mall, we got distracted by a Spa White teeth whitening kiosk. It seemed similar to the Zoom! whitening process, but it was only $150 (plus tax). D. and I got excited and gave it a shot. During my procedure, my gums felt like they were burning and my teeth were tingling. After the 15 minutes, my teeth were whiter, but they were also very sensitive. Even now, my gums are very tender. D. had a much better experience. Our teeth are definitely whiter, but I am not going to do it again. State dentistry officials across the country are weighing in and shutting down some of these kiosks. In the future, I’m sticking to the whitening kits.