Eek. I didn’t expect everything to come together, but it is.

I touched base with the baker, Cero at Cake Expressions, and he is looking forward to creating our cakes. I need to send the final payment out today. We’ve paid the final payment for the florist and worked out the details for centerpieces and the bouquet. I need to make the final payment to the caterer, but she was out of town on Friday.

Instead of a DJ, D. and I decided to take advantage of our vast music collection and create MP3 playlists. I’ve been trying to find a decent sound setup for us. I was considering renting speakers, a sound board, and a microphone, but rentals don’t provide the flexibility as bringing your own setup does. We’re going to play music at the ceremony and the reception, so we need to be able to move the gear.

While I was flying back from a business trip earlier this week, I found this portable iPod PA system in the SkyMall catalog. also sells this product and the reviews are very positive. We ordered it last night, so hopefully, it will be here in time.

At this point, it’s all about tying up loose ends.