October 2008

D. and I love staying in and cooking for each other just as much as we enjoy going out. In our old apartment in Campbell, I felt cooped up, so I always had this need to be out. It sucked because we had this big kitchen with brand new appliances just begging to be used.

You see? Super nice, with a pot rack and everything. Unfortunately, the old apartment had this dark cave-like feel that was depressing. Our new apartment has a very open floor plan with lots of light, but an extremely tiny kitchen with boring standard appliances.

Anyway, tonight we decided to stay in and have a tribute to our honeymoon. (I still need to post about the honeymoon, I know.) We’re going to eat cake, drink wine, and watch Superbad like we did on our honeymoon. In addition, I’m making my version of a dish I had in Prague many years ago, chicken with camembert and pears. I stuff the chicken with camembert, pan cook it, toss the pears in some cinnamon, throw the pears in the pan with the left over camembert when the chicken is almost done, and enjoy. It’s terribly decadent, super easy, and is a nice dish to enjoy with a glass of wine and the windows open to the crisp autumnal air.

Cooking at home is awesome. It’s fun to experiment with flavors and techniques. (It also doesn’t hurt that we live within walking distance to a Whole Foods.) This is why I strongly urge couples to register for kitchen gear. You won’t use your fancy candlesticks or fine china as much as you will a good chef’s knife. If you want to see what we put on our Amazon registry, you can check it out here. Heck, if you’re really feeling generous, we’re still accepting gifts. 😉


Because I’m a workaholic, I only took off Wednesday and Thursday before my Friday wedding. Not only did I just take three days off, I also scheduled a job interview for that Thursday morning. Yes, somehow I managed to drive from San Jose to San Francisco in time for an interview starting at 9:00 am, interview from 9 to 12, drive back from San Francisco to San Jose, change clothes, drive to the nail salon in Los Gatos, get lost in the process, cry just a little bit, find the nail salon, have a manicure and a pedicure, pick up D., and get to the ceremony location at 3:30 pm. Phew.

(I got the job, btw.)

Tomorrow will be four months. I know I’ve been a terrible blogger, leaving you all hanging like that.

The wedding was lovely. It was a lot hotter than I expected, but my stellar wedding coordinator made sure we had umbrellas and water for our guests.

I was so nervous. I recited the Shema before starting my trek up the hill. My maid of honor was my awesome friend Alyson. Doesn’t she look great?

This is the secret path up the hill to the processional stairs. I was wearing flip flops instead of my crazy heels and Alyson was a great help with my dress.

I’m too excited/nervous to get married.

Alyson processing.

My processional.

David waiting for me to make it to the bridge in one piece. (With the heels I was wearing, there was a very high chance of me busting my ass on the way down.)

There are many many more pictures. I’ll post some more soon.

Here is the video of our ceremony. It’s compressed all to hell, but I hope you enjoy it.

My processional was Cat Power’s cover of “Sea of Love”. The recessional was “PM’s Love Theme” from the Love Actually soundtrack. (Remember the scene where Liam Neeson’s son, Sam, was running through the airport? Yes, that song.)