Do you have a burning question that needs an answer? Do you need an impartial third party opinion? Are you seeking modern advice to a modern problem? Have you emailed Dear Prudence, and she hasn’t addressed your issue? Drop me a line at manicbride[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll post your questions and my responses here.


4 Responses to “Ask Ms. Manic Bride”

  1. Laura_C Says:

    Did you get the Secret Clinical yet?

  2. tlikinim Says:

    I found your site while doing research on Cabell’s Mill. Since then it has been an invaluable resource. I never would have thought to look into Maryland’s historic properties but thanks to you we have. Beautiful and a great value. My question is, did you happen to look at Snow Hill or Darnall’s Chance? We have narrowed it down to those two and I was wondering if you had any input.

    Thanks and keep up the great blog!


  3. Lucy Says:

    Your website is awesome and I am completely envious of your organization! My wedding is in May and I am not even remotely as prepared as you are oh wise one! How do you do it???? Do you work full time in addition to all this weding planning?!?!?!?

    Just wondering and feeling inferior….

    My fiance and I are planning a celtic wedding for May in Potomac, MD.

  4. Casey Says:

    Hi, I found a link to your website through a picture search:

    Those Michael Kors heels, the striped heel with patent vanilla uppers; I have been looking for those forever after I saw them at a DSW. Could you tell me the name/product code?
    There is a similar style called “darrien” but it has a cork heel…

    Thanks so much…The shoes are absolutely beautiful

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