As you all know, D. and I are a silly couple. We love to laugh. Laughter releases tension built up over a stressful day. Because lightheartedness and humor are important to us, we want to incorporate those themes in our wedding. Not so lighthearted that it appears that we don’t respect the sanctity of marriage, but to showcase the joy D. brings into my life and the joy I bring into his. Our wedding is not the most important/best day of our lives. If it was, everything would be downhill from then. We strive to make every day the best day. You never know what will come tomorrow.

At the end of our lives, we will look back and say, “We had full and happy lives. There may have been peaks and valleys, but overall, our life remained in the first quadrant trending towards (, ).” (It may be a little early for math jokes.)

Most of our lighthearted silliness is going to be expressed in our reception music. We’re going to include tongue-in-cheek songs, lesser known love songs, covers, and a few smashups. Here is a short list of songs we are including.

Moonshiner’s Daughter” – Hayseed Dixie

It’s The Little Things That Count” – Dorothy Shay

If You Wanna Be Happy” – Jimmy Soul

Jackson” and “It Ain’t Me, Babe” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (We’re planning on taking a few voice lessons, so we can sing “Jackson” in front of our guests.)

“Anyone Else But You” – The Moldy Peaches

Friday I’m in Love” – The Cure (C’mon, we have to play this. The wedding is on a Friday.)

Rock Lobster” – B52s (Remember The One With the Prom Video episode of Friends when Phoebe gave her theory about lobsters mating for life?)

Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” – Squeeze (Continuing on the shellfish theme. We’d like to find one more high energy song for our high energy seafood/underwater rock block.)

“How Six Songs Collide” – Norwegian Recycling brought to you by Mashuptown.com. This mashup features “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, “Collide” by Howie Day, “Superman” by Five For Fighting, “Always Getting Over You” by Angela Ammons, “All That I Need” by Boyzone, and “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down.

“Every Car You Chase” – Party Ben. This song is a mashup of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” and “Every Breath You Take” by the Police.

We’re going to make CDs as favors for our guests. One CD will be a finely tailored mix of love songs and the other will be a compliation of the more unusual songs from the wedding.


Even though D. and I are now leaning away from having our wedding in the Leesburg / Loudoun County, there are tons of small, local vendors in that area who are extremely helpful.

I Do Wedding Essentials: Located on King Street, in the heart of downtown Leesburg, I Do is a small shop specializing in all kinds of bridal accessories: favors, invitations, garters, candles, etc. Kristin, the owner, also has really nice cake stands and candy buffet glass containers available for rent. (The website only displays a sample of the rental items she has available.) She is very nice and willing to help any way she can; she has lots of information regarding vendors as well.

Affordable Arrangements: Carly Johnson, the designer at Affordable Arrangements, personally grows most of the flowers she uses in her arrangements. She specializes in seasonal flower arrangements, but roses, exotic, and out of season flowers are also available through her connections with local wholesalers. Affordable Arrangements is a home-based floral business, but I have heard wonderful things about their arrangements and pricing.

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, LTD: When D. and I were at the Leesburg Flower Show, we ran across Holly’s booth where she was tying up little nosegay bouquets on the fly to sell. She also grows some of her own flowers and reports that she is a preferred vendor for many of the area’s finest estates and restaurants.

Loudoun Convention & Visitors Association: The LCVA offers free wedding planning services. Susan Kitchen of the LCVA has been very helpful in providing potential ceremony and reception locations and has a lot of experience with event coordination. LCVA also offers assistance with reserving blocks of hotel rooms, and they provide welcome packets for your guests which include maps and brochures, so guests can explore the area.

Back in January, I saw the “Trellis” place cards from Sharyn Sowell featured in some bridal magazine. I really loved the romantic look of the silhouette. I contacted Sharyn and found out that it takes several weeks to produce the order because the cards are handmade. I was fine with that; my wedding isn’t until 2008. There was a minimum order of 50 cards, and they were $100 per set of 50. I thought, it’s a bit pricey, but they look romantic and classy, and not too formal, so I placed an order.
Last week, I realized that I had not been charged for the cards, nor have I received them. I contacted her via email, and she was ecstatic to hear from me. Apparently, her computer had crashed, and she lost a bunch of order information. My cards were completed, but she didn’t have a way to get in touch with me. Because of the inconvenience, she offered to supply me with 25 extra place cards. I told her I didn’t need additional place cards; I had already ordered more than I needed. She said that she would enclose some of her letterpress cards instead. I thought that was very nice, and I anxiously awaited the package.
Yesterday, the cards arrived. And honestly, I’m disappointed. The “Trellis” design itself is very cute. I love it. However, the construction of the place card overall is fair at best. There are four paper components to the card. A scalloped-edged white under card, a black and white striped scalloped-edged over card, a piece of vellum, and then the scalloped-edged card with the “Trellis” design. The card components appear and feel like standard cardstock; the “Trellis” design was not printed using letterpress or thermography. I am aware that there are variations in handmade cards. However, I don’t think visibly crooked placement of the components or including some card components without scalloped edges as an acceptable variations.

This is one of the better constructed cards.
Trellis place card

It looks like I can take apart the cards without destroying them. I’ll straighten out the cards, re-scallop the edges, and glue them back together. I just wish I didn’t have deconstruct/reconstruct these cards.

*EDIT: When asked by her for feedback, I honestly described the concerns I had with the cards, and she kindly offered me a partial refund. I declined the refund telling her that I appreciate the work that went into the cards, and I guess my batch of cards were a fluke.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept of the cards, and with a little more work, they will be perfectly fine.